Professional mastering at an affordable price
We offer high quality audio mastering using pure class A analog gear. We also offer you mix advice if needed so your songs are ready for the mastering process

Free unlimited corrections

We will do any needed corrections until masters are approved without any additional cost, although most of the time our clients are satisfied with the first version

Upload your mixes  / Download your masters

Send us your songs through or any other file delivery service to our email address and we send you back a downloadable DDP file or a CD master by post mail.

About Mastering:
Mastering is the last stage on the record production before printing it at the desired playback medium (vinyl, CD, DVD, MP3, etc.) . Our job is to correct any aspects that the mixing engineer and producer have not been able to listen at the studio due the nature of most mixing control rooms.
Our services include enhance and accentuate all the positive aspects of your songs using high end analog and digital processors, as well as sequencing and leveling in order to make a cohesive package. We will also determine the dynamic range of each song taking in to account the music style, the final playback medium and the place where your music will be listened to.

Moosfiebr - Synthetic Love / Goia
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